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Restoration jobs are pure work of passion and love. There is a lot of emotions attached with every restoration project. It requires an eye for detail and getting parts sometimes become a challenge. But there lies all the fun. Mostly we restore in its original form, however sometimes clients want new look and feel. Here is a collection of some our restoration works.


1982 Bajaj Cub restored. The beauty lies in the detail.


Royal Enfield Classic 350 restoration to its original glory. This also gets a brand new paintjob. It is a grey green color with gold highlights. Brown seats and matching tank pads make a perfect combo.


This is a 1992 Bajaj Chetak 12v Electronic. Complete engine work and body works with all parts and accessories. All rusts and damages were removed, cleaned and started afresh. And of course a beautiful paintjob to complete it. If only nostalgia had a face.


Almost a decade old, this bike came to us in a very bad condition. The engine was restored and tuned to perfection. All dents and imperfections were removed and was given a fresh paint. We have maintained the same color as mentioned in the RC but have given a personalized touch. That makes it special, that makes it eimored.


1980s Yezdi D250 Classic Restored to its original glory.


Our client had bought this bike in 1970 for 5800 rupees. He has taken very good care till now. The brief was that we should retain the original parts as much as possible. We tried to stick to the fundamentals and re used most of the original parts. We repaired and restored the original horn, the original switch sets, Paintjob was done in black and gold dust. We the logos and designs as per his suggestions.


1982 Bajaj Priya restoration. Brought back to life with utmost love and care. 


This is originally an Redditch Red 350. After doing the necessary paper works out client wanted to official transform into his favorite color Blue. Our clients wanted a fresh appeal without making any kind of structural change.

Our client wanted to incorporate hand drawn images of monarch butterflies on the side covers. The engine block also got a black and chrome. The chrome parts have been re-chromed. We did an overall servicing. Spoke wheels were changed to alloys and old tyres were replaced with new ones. New leather tank pads, new black indicators, and new seat upholstery makes it look nothing less than fresh out of showroom look.


This is a classic example of a detailed restoration. This came in a pretty bad shape to us. Out client wanted this to be back to mint condition. And the end result is right in front of you.


We don't do different things. We just do the same thing differently. This is a desert storm 500 cc. one of the earliest versions. Having witnessed thousands of miles and many changes of seasons, the signs of wearing and ageing were evident. New tyres and upholstery adds to the new look. The matte desert storm color is re-imagined with a metallic tone and a glossy finish. It surely required a repaint and a servicing. This bike is kept stock and get a altogether new paintjob and chrome.


Eimor Customs got the opportunity to restore this lovely Bajaj Chetak. It is the client's grandfather's scooter and wanted it to be restored exactly the way it was the day it came from the factory.

To start the restoration work, we first took references from original advertisements of the scooter. It helped that we ourselves had Bajaj Chetak in our home during childhood, so all we had to do was dig deep into our memory banks.
We started with draining the petrol from the petrol tank and refilled it with fresh petrol. Upon starting the scooter we realized that it needed a new carburetor and new wiring and several small mechanical repairs.
The engine being robust was quick to come back to life and its old glory.
To make it look beautiful, we searched for all the beading, seats, handle grips, meter with black dial and foot mats and tried to stay as original as possible.
We stripped down the scooter and the surface was perfected with body fillers and primer. We had to take references of the color of the original advertisement and proceeded to paint it.

This was a lovely project and the client was highly supportive and guided us when we had any doubts.


We did complete restoration of this bike, which is around 25 years old. Crisp tuning of the point setting and all around neat work. Minimalistic Paintjob capturing our client's requirements perfectly. This work is detailed yet subtle at the same time.


Restoration of a 1975 Royal Enfield Standard 350.

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