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Our custom paint jobs on motorcycles and helmets, have always been our forte and our unique selling point. It was only a matter of time that we would venture into cars. Cars provide a 

We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism and attention to detail when getting custom artwork done from EIMOR CUSTOMS.


The very popular SUZUKI IGNIS reimagined. New Bucket Seats, New Alloys, New Exhausts and other mechanical enhancements were done at Chequered Flag, Hyderabad. Eimor Customs has done the concept, design and paint job execution.

IGNIS (10).jpg
IGNIS (9).jpg
IGNIS (8).jpg
IGNIS (7).jpg
IGNIS (6).jpg
IGNIS (5).jpg
IGNIS (3).jpg
IGNIS (1).jpg
IGNIS (2).jpg


This POLO has seen many miles and surely needed a revamp. There were signs of scratches and dents all over the body. We gave this Polo an aggressive and sporty look with the right choice of colors. The golden alloys take the paint job to the next level. This is a pure paint job and not a wrap. Paint scheme designed by Eimor Customs and executed in collaboration with Chequered Flag at their facility. In addition to the paint job this this POLO's 1.2 ltr, 3 cylinder engine also gets a stage 1 remap on which bumped up the power slightly. The good folks at Chequered Flag Auto, Hyderabad have done an amazing job on this. Another happy customer and another small footstep step. 
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This is a paint job work has been done on a Chevrolet Cruze. The base coat has been kept in its original colour Sand Drift Grey. The Cruze also gets silver bands along its length. When observed one can see smoke lines in these bands.

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