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This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many of our customers, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. With this service, we ensure all details are simple, seamless and handled in a timely manner. Whenever you work with EIMOR CUSTOMS, you can trust that you’re in great hands.


This is a 1988 Royal Enfield Standard 350. Beautifully customized and repainted. With Tan Brown Seats, Ribbed mudguards, Brass and Aluminium machining, 52 style headlight, new tyres and off course a fresh coat of paint, this is an absolute treat to the eyes. We call it UMBER which resonates with a dark yellowish-brown color.


Originally an Electra, this bike was old and it needed a makeover. Our client wanted a cruiser look with better tyres and more comfortable seating and of course a different paintjob to be the top priority along with other works.


This 500 cc Thunderbird belongs to a servicing naval officer! He wanted us to help capture his decorated career onto his beloved bike. This was our client's, first Royal Enfield so we had to make it special. The side of the tank has the crest of his regiment, which was done with a subtle finish. It can only be seen up-close. The golden stripes on the tank and the side box were hand pin-striped to accentuate the flow we envisioned. The aesthetic of the bike is modern and muscular. The front tire is 18 inches while the rear is 15. We have used SANS exhaust to go with this bike. A digital speedometer and LED light setup as well. The rear seat is removable and comes integrated with a backrest, for the days our client wishes to take his family along. We incorporated the Brass Tri-services Insignia on the side box as well


This is a custom made motorcycle made out of Electra 350. This project is going to Vishakapatnam. You can see simplicity and sophistication together in this design, starting from a peanut tank to rod forged mudguard bracket system to solid alloy wheels to great set of tyres. Everything has been aesthetically planned and executed to perfection.


This Royal Enfield Standard arrived at the workshop for a makeover. The Idea was to keep the Royal Enfield's Stance intact and not to compromise its riding posture and feel. We decided to change the rear part saree guard and mudguard brackets to a nice square type rugged grill arrangement in solid rods. The rear mudguards were changed to sleek design. The front mudguards were selected to be plate type mudguards with clean view of the tyres. The rear tail lamp has been tastefully chosen to maintain a simple and neat look. Indicators were changed too. The front black headlamp glass was a design choice too. The color combination of Army Green with Military stars on the two sides have added to the beauty of the bike. This bike doesnt have a Disk brake, because the customer likes it that way, we chose good looking spoke type alloys for the same.


This is 90's Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 350 cc. This bike has seen more than 1,00,000 kms and has been a faithful friend through thick and thin. However it had its own share of problems. Its electrical wiring were cut at places and was prone to short circuit. The gear box needed a replacement. The suspensions were hard and ineffective. For a heavy bike like Bullet, the front drum brakes weren't so effective on slopes. We changed the headlight casing to a new one, with new hydraulic front suspensions, which no more needs threading system and can be fitted with an Allen key type bolt. New rear suspensions and a new stock seat has improved the riding comfort a lot. We have changed the entire wiring kit and new set of stock lights and indicators. We have fitted a new gear box and a new carburetor. To give a different look we tried a dished out tank. Bluish Grey, Off White and Dark Brown Stripes seemed like the best choice amidst all colors. The bike has got a balanced blend of vintage looks and modern features. We have also done hand engraving on the Clutch Cover, Gear Box covers etc. With everything put together and many more things consciously kept away, this bike is a restrained and matured expression of our creativity. We have decided to call it "The Graduate".


This motorcycle is a Royal Enfield Bullet G2 Standard model, which came to us in a very bad shape.. Due to its age and few outdated parts, we decided to give it a face lift and also use latest parts. We installed a new Gear box and also a complete new point setting. We changed all the shocks to new model hydraulics with Front Disk Brakes and new stock wheels with Spokes. The body is kept simple and naked with minimal weight for a good weight to power ratio. The entire electrical has been re-done with tasteful placement of the Ampere meter and ignition switches. The Engine has been partially painted and partially chromed to give it an Old Era look. The paint job is subtly done in Silver leaf and emerald green and Veridian green Candy combination, with Gold Leaf lettering and subtle stripes. We proudly present to you GUNMASTER G2.


This is a 2013 Desert Storm 500. Our client always found it difficult with the height and maneuvering. Before coming to us, in 5 years, the bike has not been rode for more than 5000 kms. The requirement was not only to reduce the height but also to give the bike a rebirth, a new look and feel. As you can see we have resorted to 120mm tyres and 16 inch wheels. We have made vintage style big mudguards to balance out the wheel size reduction. Rear Disc system has been installed. The mudguard fitting arrangements have been beautifully crafted. The stock headlight casing was removed, and we have made a separate housing for the speedometer and the fuel gauge. The ignition has been shifted to the oval box on the right side. We have gone for smaller cycle type headlight with grill. The Taillight and indicators have also been tastefully selected. The new Tank looks beautiful with the sides sliced off. Both the rider seat and the pillion seat has been made into a spring type arrangement. The backrest with the pillion seat is also in the similar shape as the mudguard stays. The exhaust as well is not a regular one. What attracts the most is the signature Eimor Customs paint job. With the tank standing out in Glossy finish, with Vintage styled Gold Leaf work and the rest of the body in matte jet black, it creates a beautiful combination. There is also a matching helmet with this bike. We call her Allura, and we strongly believe she can allure, she can entice quite a many curious gazes.


This is a 2007 Electra. The client wanted us to give this bike a vintage World War II kind of look. We have used 4.25x18” big block, MRF Moto C tyres both front and back. In the rear we have installed a rear disc brake system. We have used a classic type front shock absorbers so the we can change the way the mudguard has been fitted. The headlamp casing has been changed to 1950’s style. We have used old Smith’s Speedo and Lucas Amp meters. The handle bar is a standard model on and not an Electra type. The mirrors are standard model black mirrors. The tail light and the indicators are in rectangular shape so as to give this bike a rugged look. We have used wood on the sides of the tank. This bike is a single seater. In place of the rear seat we have tastefully installed wooden frame carrier, which can also be used as a standby seat. We have used well dried good quality teak wood for natural grain and longevity. They have been hand polished to perfection so as to bring out the grains in the best possible way. We have used vintage style leather spring seat. There is also use of brass at places. The brass plate on front mudguard shows our soldier on his motorcycle and bombings happening behind him. There is also a brass token holder and tank cap bearing our signature stamp. We have added a military grade petrol canister and an ammunition box which will serve as a first aid box and an utility box. These have been fastened tight with specially made genuine leather belts. The crash bar is a military style butterfly crash guard. There is a singular yellow fog lamp on the right and a bottle holder on the left. The color is a glossy olive. The wheels and other parts have been tastefully powder coated in colors complementing the whole design. Overall this bike was a pleasure to work on. We call him Johnnie!


Davy Jones - a name synonymous with seas and oceans and so is this bike. Our client has spent many years serving the Indian Navy. Like someone has rightly said, "you can take a Fauji out of the Fauj but you can't take out the Fauji inside him ever". Though out of the Indian Navy he wanted smaller nuances of ships and naval life on his bike. There is an anchor with chain on the front mudguard. The seat is housed on a frame inspired by the deck of a ship. There is a compass on the brass petrol cap, bullet shaped indicators, machined footrests, kick rod and gear lever ends similar to a gun muzzle. The ring around the headlight looks industrial with two butterfly clips on either sides. The tank sides are decorated with the belt and buckle bearing the India Navy insignia. The battery cover shows the rank of a Lieutenant Commander (his rank when he retired from the Navy) done in gold leaf; these ranks can be seen on their shoulder board as part of their uniform. The tool boxes are beautifully designed and there are white LED lights which highlight the Davy Jones written over Gold Leaf. This bike has been done in a black and brick red theme with extensive brass and aluminum machining. With matching engine covers and tan brown seat this looks like an absolute beauty.


Electrifying! Isn't it? Look at the stance and the attitude of the motorcycle. You will notice the stretched rear wheel and a bulky 140mm/15inch tyre. The tank is a 14 liter custom made tank to justify the flow of the bike. The front mudguards have profile cut thick gauge sheet metal brackets to hold the mudguards together. The seats are tastefully crafted to have a comfortable ride, with a flexibility of taking out the rear seat whenever needed, yet having a clean mudguard. The voltmeter is kept on one of the tool boxes more to be on a creative side! The paint job is a 3 color brilliantly executed work of art! The best part of this bike is the superb handling that we get after the changes. The exhaust is a Moto_Torque megaphone exhaust! The engine parts and other items have been kept matte black. The handle levers and rear shock absorbers have grey color same as the tank!


This is a 2015 Royal Enfield Electra 350 cc. This has been transformed into a cafe racer quite true to form. This gets an extended fuel tank and a flat bed seat. The stock headlight casing has been removed and replaced with LED headlight and twin pod console. The interesting thing to be noticed is the exhaust which comes under through the frame of the bike. The bike gets a rear disk arrangement which doesn't come in stock Electra. The bike gets 18" button tyres both front and back. Heat shielding and insulations have been carefully done at places. Biltwell rubber grips adorn the handle bar and bar end mirrors can be seen. Brown seat goes good with the overall look. There has been use of brass at places. Branding comes on the brass bar ends. The paint scheme is inspired and derived from Egyptian mythology. We have selected emerald green and gold as the choice of color. Hieroglyphics can been seen on the sides of the tank and a golden rope adorning the bottom base. The top of the tank is designed with the elements of Osiris, his beard, his crown, his wand, the eye of Horus, etc. The brass tank cap comes as the crown Jewel. Osiris is the god of life, death, the flooding of the Nile, and the afterlife. We have named after him.


Simple and beautiful restoration project. From a pretty bad state to an absolute stunner. The tank gets a signature Eimor Customs paint job. Done in stone effect and tribal patterns, with hand emerging from the sun and throwing flying fishes in the sky and an eternal eye observing from above, this is a beautiful interpretation of the artist's imagination. We call this BELONI.


This motorcycle is originally a Royal Enfield Classic 350 cc. The entire body kit has been hand crafted with 17 inch wheels and choicest tyres. The LED 5.5 inch headlight and Thunderbird front forks just fit perfectly together and give an aggressive stance. The Seats are ergonomically designed for comfort riding. The exhaust is MotoTorque Beat silencer. The Paint job is out and out blacked out look with Gold Leaf work and Hand pin striping. Overall this bike feels and rides like a completely new motorcycle.


An old standard motorcycle tastefully transformed into a beautiful vintage model with choicest accessories and a brilliant paint job

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