Gone are the days when Motorcycles were just a mode of transport. Today motorcycle is a lifestyle statement. It is an extension of yourself. Same as what you wear, how you look, how you talk, the motorcycle you ride also tells a lot about your personality.
So why settle for less. Get your motorcycles the most exquisite unique look. Whether it is flashy or subtle, whether it is sophisticated or simple, it is your motorcycle and it must reflect a part of you!

Get your hands on some of the most outstanding paintjobs and we guarantee you will never go unnoticed. If you are a person who likes personalization, we take personalized motorcycle painting to whole new level. Our paintings include wide range of options from single tone(base coat and clear coat) to dual/multi-color tone to theme based abstract painting(Airbrushing) to metal flakes to metal leaf work. 


For the last 6 years we have been the catered to various customers having various taste and requirements. Starting from ideation to conceptualization to complete execution, we have been fortunate enough to stay on top in India's custom painting scenario.


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2020 - 2021


One of our earlier works of 2020. This is a Thunderbird Twin Spark. Came all the way from Jhansi. The intent was to make it a comfortable cruiser. Re-sized tyres, fabrications, new dashboard, new tank, extended foot controls, off course the signature Eimor Customs paintjob. Altogether it was a pleasure to work on this project.


This beautiful bike was specially made for a family from Vizag. This bike has seen many years and many miles. Coming from the coastal region rusting was inevitable. Which makes it look older than it actually is. But we have completely revived the bike and gave it a new lease of life. The inspiration for the design was our old school bicycles (Atlas Goldline, anyone remember?) with a carrier on the rear fender and twisted beams on the side. Similar pattern can be seen on the brake rod as well. It gets a dark slate color and ultra- gloss finish.


This motorcycle that you see has been built on a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500cc. The motorcycle has been built keeping in mind a sporty look, much like the legendary Harley sportster series into picture. The motorcycle flaunts a peanut gas tank, with sleek yet functional front and rear mudguards, a 5 inch headlight and comfy foot rests. The rear sissy bar is a must for that sporty chopper feel to the bike. It also provides a comfortable ride for the pillion. The wheels are 19 inch at the front and 18 inch on the rear with Timsun tyres. Timsun has been making some amazing tyres these days and they provide variety of tyres for Indian market these days. The Himalayan front fairing, is an embellishment which was much needed. However, the icing on cake is the Wine Red metal flake work, which must be seen in person to see the quality and finish. The overall bike is kept blacked out so that the metal flakes get the attention which they deserve. We call this FERNWEH, which means “farsickness” or a “longing for far-off places,” especially those you've not yet visited.


The base model of this motorcycle build is a Redditch Red Royal Enfield classic. The bike has been completely transformed using our dedicated team and a period of more than 2.5 months. Every inch of the bike has been beautifully hand crafted from start to finish. The bike now has an amazing stance and very nice handling. The peanut tank with side indents makes the engine block look relatively bigger than it actually is The front forks have been passed through wider tree plate, so that it looks broad and masculine from the front side. The paint job is all out black, with subtle antique gold ornamental design and a portrait of the client on the tank. Exhaust is a Moto-Torque megaphone.