Duck Billed mudguard set for Bobber

Duck Billed mudguard set for Bobber

These mudguards are everything that you would need your Custom bike project to look like. If you are making your own bike, and thiking in lines of Bobber or Single seater chopper, consder these beautifully crafted FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) mudguards, which are as strong as steel, but lighter than aluminum and flexible as well. 
Now, build your own bike by simply using these mudguards. Make your choice of stays and paint them in your own color. We will give you our signature mudguards, which otherwise takes very skilled hands and lot of time to get it right. 

  • Specifications

    The front mudguard is for 110 mm tyres
    The rear mudguard can be used for 120mm to 140mm tyres.
    The mudguards dont come with fitting brackets for bikes. You have to make them as per your bike's fitting points

    The mudguards are made of 3 ply (of 300gsm each) fiberglass, which makes is super strong, flexible and light weight at the same time. 

    The mudguards have good quality finish and you might need some sanding and light putty work before you apply primer and color. These mudguards are paint friendly and would be very easy to paint. 

₹9,500.00 Regular Price
₹8,500.00Sale Price