Gone are the days when Motorcycles were just a mode of transport. Today motorcycle is a lifestyle statement. It is an extension of yourself. Same as what you wear, how you look, how you talk, the motorcycle you ride also tells a lot about your personality.
So why settle for less. Get your motorcycles the most exquisite unique look. Whether it is flashy or subtle, whether it is sophisticated or simple, it is your motorcycle and it must reflect a part of you!

Get your hands on some of the most outstanding paintjobs and we guarantee you will never go unnoticed. If you are a person who likes personalization, we take personalized motorcycle painting to whole new level. Our paintings include wide range of options from single tone(base coat and clear coat) to dual/multi-color tone to theme based abstract painting(Airbrushing) to metal flakes to metal leaf work. 


For the last 6 years we have been the catered to various customers having various taste and requirements. Starting from ideation to conceptualization to complete execution, we have been fortunate enough to stay on top in India's custom painting scenario.


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2020 - 2021


We had this golden opportunity to be a part of this wonderful build. This bike has been built by our brothers and colleagues at TNT Motorcycles. They have beautifully handcrafted this motorcycle. Every part of this bike is hand built. And we felt extremely honored and privileged when we were asked to do the paint job.


This is a 2018 Low Rider, came all the way from Odisha. Our client wanted lilies on a blue background. We have visualized this concept with butterflies and bubbles. We are thankful to our client for giving us the opportunity.


A story of riding across the globe on most iconic and most adventurous roads. This Harley Davidson Road king has been meticulously painted in these of 4 International Trips and one national trips, which totally ranges to more than 70000 kms in total. We were presented with a set of 1000 photos in a hard drive and left to imagine how to portray these rides in the body panels of this magnificent motorcycle. We decided to jolt down the route map and iconic land marks which reflect the place. Then we decided to draw a collage of these Landmarks, which will be suggestive of the route. The Route map and the factual data has also been portrayed very beautifully and intelligently. We have covered the below ride - 1)Cross America trip - on the left side saddle bag 2)India to London - On the right side Saddle bag 3)Kashmir to Kanniyakumari - On the Right side of tank 4)Bhutan trip - On the left side of tank 5)Cross Alaskan Trip - On the front and rear mudguards. We are not surprised at all that this motorcycle won the BEST CUSTOM HARLEY award in SHR 2019, this year. This project displays plethora of information, yet it doesn't look like a bill board. Covering a total of 180hrs of effective work, this project was a mammoth task to pull off. 


This paintjob came to us from one of our friend in Orissa , India and is based on a tribal Mayan culture theme artwork . Looking closely to all the details in the paintjob will make one realize the time and effort to create something like this is huge . The design takes us back in time in the modern day world on a modern day bike .