This is an end to end custom paintjob project on a Harley Davidson Nightrod. This project came all the way from Townsend, Delaware, USA, in a suitcase! Our client is a photographer and cinematographer by profession. He sent a write-up about himself. An absolute child at heart. A huge fan of comics and Superman is his favorite super hero. A huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. He says, "I cry when we lose a game, cry when we win the game". He wanted #7 on the headlight Cover. And names of his kids somewhere. Finally we chose to go with Philadelphia Eagles theme. The fonts and color choices were tastefully made to suit a Eagles jersey. This is a silver leaf job. We affectionately call this project "SE7EN"


This custom paintjob on a Harley Davidson Fatboy, is an amalgamation of multiple elements ranging from an Om to a Khanda, a Tortoise to a Phoenix, Koi Fishes to Lotus, Mahamrutyunjaya Mantra, Shree Ganesh Shloka, A Shree Yantra and more. Our client also has a liking for Celtic patterns, Aztec and Maori tattoos. We chose a stone texture like surface on which we have laid the designs in a way that it looks carved on stone. Celtic Knots, Maori artforms, Aztec Patterns, form major foundation of the design. strong and bold designs fill in and around the subject to give a homogeneity and uniformity. All these art forms like Polynesian, Austronesian, Micronesian and Melanesian are known as Oceanian Art forms, as they can be seen in regions around Pacific Ocean. They can be mapped back to one ancient civilization called LAPITA, and hence the name.


Japan is one of the oldest living civilizations in the world; their philosophy, art and literature is a vast universe in itself. Like any other art form in the world, Japanese art is much inspired and derived from nature and things around them. Oni Mask, Mamushi Snake (Japanese pit viper), Koi Fish, Samurai Mask, Katana sword, Spears, Ropes, Fish Scales, Octopus, Clouds, Mount Fuji, Sun (Japan is the land of the rising sun), Ocean Waves, Bamboo Plant, Chrysanthemum Flowers, Birds, and circular patterns are the typical elements of Japanese tattoos, which are often very intricate and dense. To establish a continuity and uniformity it has been adorned with bunches of Sakura flowers (Japanese Cherry Blossoms). And bronze sections resembling a Samurai armoured dress, also can be seen at various places. To add a further definition the borders of all the parts has been decorated with a band of gold leaf. First all the parts were carefully with Silver Leaf. It requires utmost care, special techniques and precision to get the metal leaves laid. Carefully airbrushed with various shades of black and transparent tints to give the feel of depth and completed layers. The colors have been applied in a much controlled manner to give it a slightly desaturated look. The final finish is satin matte. This is a complete Triumph Thunderbird Storm set, comprising of the tank, the front fender, the rear fender, right and left side panels and radiator grill cover. It has been an extremely soul satisfying experience executing this project. It took almost three months from the time of conceptualizing to execution. Last but not the least is the naming of the project. We call it Ikebana. Ikebana (生け花, "living flowers") is the Japanese art of flower arrangement.


This project came to us from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This project has been in TO-DO list for over an year and it was already decided that the paint job will be in theme of Mahadev, Lord of lords, SHIVA! We had no restriction on time and were given absolute creative fredom. That itself sets the expectation very high. Our client, an ardent devotee to lord Shiva, recently completed his Mansarover and Kailash yatra and has been mesmerized by its mystic power and beauty. The parts arrived with us long back and we started initial sketching of how to portray Shiva, who is otherwise a very powerful and commonly observed God, in India. We cross communicated series of sketches but nothing was enchanting enough to be portrayed on a motorcycle. After a lot of brain-storming and wall banging, finally we nailed on the idea of having Temple murals/sculpture type designs on the motorcycle body, defining the lines of the bike, and laying out the placeholder for the Lord Shiva's image. We coated the body with Silver leaf and then gave it a granite texture using multi-color candy colors. The sculptures of India's famous shiva temples were closely researched and selected picture by picture. In temple, the deity is in the middle of the temple and the sculptures etc. are all around it. That has been the inspiration for us. The sculptures include sculptures from Tanjore temple, a few from Ellora Caves and few from Somnath temple also. The temple motifs were hand drawn and scanned for further refinement in computer. The Sculpture images were refined in computer meticulously for further uses. Then these were laid down one by one layer by layer on the body forming the body lines leaving the placeholder for the main portraits. These portraits were airbrushed and then refined using bold brush strokes for giving it a 3D look. Post that, the portraits of Shiva were thought of. We showed him taking bath in Mansarovar lake with Mount Kailash in the background. The rear end of the front mudguard has a representation of Shiva as Aghori, where he is sitting on a pile of skulls in cremation ground, and having Ganja/marijuana. The Tank shows the meditation form of Lord Shiva, wherein he is meditating in front of Kailash temple and it is bneding with the entire cosmos. The rear mudguard has representation of Rdura/Nataraj roop, in dancing form. We also did the engraving on the mudguard stay covers, these mudguard covers have been acid engraved and then appropriate color pigmentation has been added to go with the color combination of the custom paint. Overall, this has been a mammoth work, and it has been really very satisfying to pull out a task of this magnitude and complete it in time.


This Heritage softail project came from Gandhidham, Gujarat. The vision was to paint it in theme of Rocky Balboa (as in the iconic movie series "Rocky", from the seventies and eighties). Rocky's struggle to be a leading boxing champion and maintain the title/position for rest of the life is a brilliant inspirational story in itself. It reflects the struggle, sacrifice, hard work and true grit to get going! As we have limited surface on the body parts(one gas tank and two mudguards), we had to really dedicate a lot of time in story-boarding. It is very important not to lose the lines of the bike, without which the bike will look very bad after fitting, no matter how extra-ordinary the art-work is. We made signature heritage softail pattern with Black and Dirty white color. The black sections has proper Air brush portraits and scenes from movie, and the white portions carry Rocky's practice regime and punch lines from film. One side of the tank carries the portraits of opponents/fighters and other side carries the portraits of his support system and family! The front mudguard has all the iconic fighting scenes from the movie, Rocky-Apollo Creed, Rocky-Clubber Lang, Rocky-Draga. The rear mudguard carries the image of his statue in Philadelphia. This project completely has 9 portraits and 7 movie scenes airbrushed on the body panels. It is a very resource intensive yet rewarding project

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