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This is an end to end custom paintjob project on a Harley Davidson Nightrod. This project came all the way from Townsend, Delaware, USA, in a suitcase! Our client is a photographer and cinematographer by profession. He sent a write-up about himself. An absolute child at heart. A huge fan of comics and Superman is his favorite super hero. A huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. He says, "I cry when we lose a game, cry when we win the game". He wanted #7 on the headlight Cover. And names of his kids somewhere. Finally we chose to go with Philadelphia Eagles theme. The fonts and color choices were tastefully made to suit a Eagles jersey. This is a silver leaf job. We affectionately call this project "SE7EN"


This custom paintjob on a Harley Davidson Fatboy, is an amalgamation of multiple elements ranging from an Om to a Khanda, a Tortoise to a Phoenix, Koi Fishes to Lotus, Mahamrutyunjaya Mantra, Shree Ganesh Shloka, A Shree Yantra and more. Our client also has a liking for Celtic patterns, Aztec and Maori tattoos. We chose a stone texture like surface on which we have laid the designs in a way that it looks carved on stone. Celtic Knots, Maori artforms, Aztec Patterns, form major foundation of the design. strong and bold designs fill in and around the subject to give a homogeneity and uniformity. All these art forms like Polynesian, Austronesian, Micronesian and Melanesian are known as Oceanian Art forms, as they can be seen in regions around Pacific Ocean. They can be mapped back to one ancient civilization called LAPITA, and hence the name.