2019 - 2020


This is a 2014 Classic 350. This work is a collective vision of our client and the entire team at Eimor Customs. We haven't done any thing new, but the same old thing newly in a different way. With our signature touch and styling and selective and well thought of choices. This bobber is true to its form with ribbed bobber tires, short fenders, single spring seat and peanut tank. The headlight assembly, the instrument console and the extended foot levers are something one can't miss. The color the finish and the detailing accentuates the overall look. We call him CONCORD, which symbolizes calmness and peace.


This is a 2015 Royal Enfield Electra 350 cc. This has been transformed into a cafe racer quite true to form. This gets an extended fuel tank and a flat bed seat. The stock headlight casing has been removed and replaced with LED headlight and twin pod console. The interesting thing to be noticed is the exhaust which comes under through the frame of the bike. The bike gets a rear disk arrangement which doesn't come in stock Electra. The bike gets 18" button tyres both front and back. Heat shielding and insulations have been carefully done at places. Biltwell rubber grips adorn the handle bar and bar end mirrors can be seen. Brown seat goes good with the overall look. There has been use of brass at places. Branding comes on the brass bar ends. The paint scheme is inspired and derived from Egyptian mythology. We have selected emerald green and gold as the choice of color. Hieroglyphics can been seen on the sides of the tank and a golden rope adorning the bottom base. The top of the tank is designed with the elements of Osiris, his beard, his crown, his wand, the eye of Horus, etc. The brass tank cap comes as the crown Jewel. Osiris is the god of life, death, the flooding of the Nile, and the afterlife. We have named after him.


Royal Enfields have always been any boy's favourite toy. Probably the most modified bike in the world. It is perhaps the favourite bike amongst customizers, at least in the subcontinent. This Classic 500 We call this bike Arsenal. Brute and aggressive in its true sense. With dual yellow and white headlights, grills, custom fenders, chunky tyres, customized seat and a superb paint job, this beast is simply irresistible.


"Insignia" - term used for an earned badge of honour, and this bike exactly defines that. A Royal Enfield classic 350 turned into a tasteful classy bobber which doesn't just look gorgeous, but also rides like a sports bike. This bike is a single seater with genuine leather spring seats. Super handling, great posture and amazing reflex response. Thanks to the KTM inverted front forks, the front motorcycle suspension adds a lot of comfort and good handling. The chopped mudguards with profile cut brackets and the round cylindrical battery cover makes the bike look spectacular. The complete bike is kept stealth and hence the matte black look. The Front tyres are 120mm 17 inch and rear tyres are 140mm 15 inch, which are mounted on spoke wheels. This reduces the ground clearance by 1 inch but still it has enough clearance to clear all bumpy roads and biggest of the hurdles. The exhaust is a Moto Torque megaphone exhaust and the tank bears the Insignia of Royal Enfield.