2019 - 2020


This is a 2014 Classic 350. This work is a collective vision of our client and the entire team at Eimor Customs. We haven't done any thing new, but the same old thing newly in a different way. With our signature touch and styling and selective and well thought of choices. This bobber is true to its form with ribbed bobber tires, short fenders, single spring seat and peanut tank. The headlight assembly, the instrument console and the extended foot levers are something one can't miss. The color the finish and the detailing accentuates the overall look. We call him CONCORD, which symbolizes calmness and peace.


This is a 2015 Royal Enfield Electra 350 cc. This has been transformed into a cafe racer quite true to form. This gets an extended fuel tank and a flat bed seat. The stock headlight casing has been removed and replaced with LED headlight and twin pod console. The interesting thing to be noticed is the exhaust which comes under through the frame of the bike. The bike gets a rear disk arrangement which doesn't come in stock Electra. The bike gets 18" button tyres both front and back. Heat shielding and insulations have been carefully done at places. Biltwell rubber grips adorn the handle bar and bar end mirrors can be seen. Brown seat goes good with the overall look. There has been use of brass at places. Branding comes on the brass bar ends. The paint scheme is inspired and derived from Egyptian mythology. We have selected emerald green and gold as the choice of color. Hieroglyphics can been seen on the sides of the tank and a golden rope adorning the bottom base. The top of the tank is designed with the elements of Osiris, his beard, his crown, his wand, the eye of Horus, etc. The brass tank cap comes as the crown Jewel. Osiris is the god of life, death, the flooding of the Nile, and the afterlife. We have named after him.


Royal Enfields have always been any boy's favourite toy. Probably the most modified bike in the world. It is perhaps the favourite bike amongst customizers, at least in the subcontinent. This Classic 500 We call this bike Arsenal. Brute and aggressive in its true sense. With dual yellow and white headlights, grills, custom fenders, chunky tyres, customized seat and a superb paint job, this beast is simply irresistible.


"Insignia" - term used for an earned badge of honour, and this bike exactly defines that. A Royal Enfield classic 350 turned into a tasteful classy bobber which doesn't just look gorgeous, but also rides like a sports bike. This bike is a single seater with genuine leather spring seats. Super handling, great posture and amazing reflex response. Thanks to the KTM inverted front forks, the front motorcycle suspension adds a lot of comfort and good handling. The chopped mudguards with profile cut brackets and the round cylindrical battery cover makes the bike look spectacular. The complete bike is kept stealth and hence the matte black look. The Front tyres are 120mm 17 inch and rear tyres are 140mm 15 inch, which are mounted on spoke wheels. This reduces the ground clearance by 1 inch but still it has enough clearance to clear all bumpy roads and biggest of the hurdles. The exhaust is a Moto Torque megaphone exhaust and the tank bears the Insignia of Royal Enfield.


Davy Jones - a name synonymous with seas and oceans and so is this bike. Our client has spent many years serving the Indian Navy. Like someone has rightly said, "you can take a Fauji out of the Fauj but you can't take out the Fauji inside him ever". Though out of the Indian Navy he wanted smaller nuances of ships and naval life on his bike. There is an anchor with chain on the front mudguard. The seat is housed on a frame inspired by the deck of a ship. There is a compass on the brass petrol cap, bullet shaped indicators, machined footrests, kick rod and gear lever ends similar to a gun muzzle. The ring around the headlight looks industrial with two butterfly clips on either sides. The tank sides are decorated with the belt and buckle bearing the India Navy insignia. The battery cover shows the rank of a Lieutenant Commander (his rank when he retired from the Navy) done in gold leaf; these ranks can be seen on their shoulder board as part of their uniform. The tool boxes are beautifully designed and there are white LED lights which highlight the Davy Jones written over Gold Leaf. This bike has been done in a black and brick red theme with extensive brass and aluminum machining. With matching engine covers and tan brown seat this looks like an absolute beauty.


This is a custom built Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 cc. Inspired by two of our previous works 'Insignia' and 'Forty Three'. This bike was planned to be a bobber racer. It gets big block button tires both front and back and custom made fenders. The most interesting part of the build is the dashboard or the instrument cluster, which houses the ammeter, fuel meter and the speedometer. The stock headlight has been replaced with a smaller 5.5" LED headlight. This build is a mix both old school and modern tastes. With custom made tan brown seat clubbed with clubman handle bar, this bike is an absolute brat on the streets. The paint is simple minimalistic and classy. We call this work 'Nikko' which means 'sunlight' of the summer.


This beauty is crafted from a 2006 Royal Enfield Electra 5S. From wider Front Shocks to Rear Disc Brakes, to Twin Pod Analog Console; from the custom made fuel tank, to the new resized wheels; from the custom crafted side boxes to beautifully etched bar end weights; from the soft rubber MRF Masseter Tyres to the knee pads from Motone UK; from the heavy duty headlight from Truck-Lite USA to the Tank badge from Hitchcock Motorcycles England; from beautiful handcrafted seat to the handmade powerful auxiliary lights from ADVMonster USA; from the smaller turn signals to the beautiful Lucas Tail Light from Hong Kong; each and every part on this motorcycle has been tastefully handpicked. Extreme attention to detail has been given to ensure an international quality finish. Carmine is not just a deep and bright shade of red, but it is something which defines elegance, suavity and class.


Working on this bike was no less than resurrecting the phoenix. Lying almost unused for over an year, this bike needed a makeover, a whole new reason to fall in love all over again with. Our client wanted his 2013 Thunderbird to be done as a scrambler. To something mean and sleek. We tried playing by the rule book, and we didn't do anything different or new, rather we did the same thing differently. Resized tyres, new head light and tail-light, new turn signals, yellow rugged auxiliary lights, aesthetically made front and rear fenders and intelligent fitting arrangements, the single pipe seat frame, the protruding air filter, the beautifully crafted tool boxes are key highlights of this build. The stock meter console has been replaced with analog Speedometer and fuel gauge. A beautifully crafted tank will catch your attention. heat wrap on the exhaust bent pipe and a black megaphone give more authenticity to the look. The color scheme is black and copper. We have used brown leatherette for seat and have used old school diamond patterns. The same material can be seen on the handle grips and the air filter hose. With real copper leaf donning the fuel tank, with most of the other parts of the bike coming in wither glossy and matte black, and with minimal highlights of matte metallic copper here and there, this bike an absolute feast to the eyes. We call this project 'Harpē' which is a kind of sword or sickle, whose references can be frequently seen in Greek and Roman mythology.


Bobber - one of the most coveted style of bike for any bike lover. Single seat, 'bobbed off' rear fender, front fender removed, stripping off excess body weight, are the perfect characteristics of a rule book bobber. However we have tried to incorporate the requirements of the client and come out with something which suits our riding conditions. Following the success of our previous work Insignia, many wanted to know if a similar look can't be achieved with a double seat. Fat tyres both front and back, Wider front fork, twin seat with a removable backrest, smaller yellow glass tinted headlight, single pod digital speedometer, cutomised tank, cylindrical tool box, K&N air filter, elegant taillight and turn signals, megaphone exhaust and last but not the least the signature Eimor Customs paintjob in Silver Leaf, as the icing of the cake! We call him "Reveller", which means a wild, loud and free soul who likes to celebrate in a lively and noisy way.


Electrifying! Isn't it? Look at the stance and the attitude of the motorcycle. You will notice the stretched rear wheel and a bulky 140mm/15inch tyre. The tank is a 14 liter custom made tank to justify the flow of the bike. The front mudguards have profile cut thick gauge sheet metal brackets to hold the mudguards together. The seats are tastefully crafted to have a comfortable ride, with a flexibility of taking out the rear seat whenever needed, yet having a clean mudguard. The voltmeter is kept on one of the tool boxes more to be on a creative side! The paint job is a 3 color brilliantly executed work of art! The best part of this bike is the superb handling that we get after the changes. The exhaust is a Moto_Torque megaphone exhaust! The engine parts and other items have been kept matte black. The handle levers and rear shock absorbers have grey color same as the tank!


KARMA - "Work is Worship" that is what we believe and practice. This is MJ's personal motorcycle. Well, if you don't know, MJ is one of the co-owners of Eimor Customs along with Saikat(aka JOY). Will you believe that this is a 2007 RE Thunderbird Lean burn engine, which is close to 12 years old? This is MJ's first motorcycle. This bike has lots of memories and difficult to part with. So MJ planned to revive it to keep the passion burning. We have tried to keep the lines of the bike flowing from start to finish. The bike has been stretched by 2 inches. With big profile mudguards to sleep curved tank to matching seat pan to let the lines flow, this bike is a piece of art. The color combination of chameleon Orange/Violet and candy blue/violet flames with yellow pin striping will never go out of style. Trust us, it actually turns people around! The engine is painted in theme of Black matte in chamber and silver matte on the covers. Chrome embellishments actually makes the bike pop out


Not All Standard vehicles are actually Standard! What we mean is that based on person's height and riding choices, the motorcycles need certain changes, so that one feels comfortable and confident to ride that motorcycle. Would you believe that this motorcycle is originally a Royal Enfield 500 Standard Bullet? Yes it is! However, our rider friend was somewhat uncomfortable in using the bike because of its seating height and bulkier handling. We chalked out the pain areas and made changes which would not only make riding more enjoyable, but make it more beautiful and proportionate to body type. She had always dreamt of owning a Royal Enfield since childhood and this was her dream come true. Presenting Mastani - Small peanut tank, reduced seating height, comfortable seating, super handling, rear disk brakes, beautiful yet high performing fish tail exhaust, mudguards tastefully crafted with ribbed center, and what not.


Custom-made Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500. Scrambler in its true form. Handcrafted to perfection. It has a blend of both retro and a modern scrambler element in it.