This is a 2013 Desert Storm 500. Our client always found it difficult with the height and maneuvering. Before coming to us, in 5 years, the bike has not been rode for more than 5000 kms. The requirement was not only to reduce the height
but also to give the bike a rebirth, a new look and feel. As you can see we have resorted to 120mm tyres and 16 inch wheels. We have made vintage style big mudguards to balance out the wheel size reduction. Rear Disc system has been
installed. The mudguard fitting arrangements have been beautifully crafted. The stock headlight casing was removed, and we have made a separate housing for the speedometer and the fuel gauge. The ignition has been shifted to the oval box on
the right side. We have gone for smaller cycle type headlight with grill. The Taillight and indicators have also been tastefully selected. The new Tank looks beautiful with the sides sliced off. Both the rider seat and the pillion seat
has been made into a spring type arrangement. The backrest with the pillion seat is also in the similar shape as the mudguard stays. The exhaust as well is not a regular one. What attracts the most is the signature Eimor Customs paint job. With the tank standing out in Glossy finish, with Vintage styled Gold Leaf work and the rest of the body in matte jet black, it creates a beautiful combination. There is also a matching helmet with this bike. We call her Allura, and we
strongly believe she can allure, she can entice quite a many curious gazes.


This motorcycle is primarily a Bobber(Single seater, aggressive stance and minimalist body) and is actually brain child of our Customer, Mr. Srinivas. He had collected multiple images, and he wanted a bike which is a combination of
similar images. Thankfully, he did his research well and had pictures of bikes from the same genre/Style. We had a great discussion, decided on what will look good and what wont. The idea was to preserve the Royal Enfield's Head case and
tank, for its iconic Tiger inspired look. The work includes stretching of the wheel base by 4 inches, changing the wheels to 18 inch front and rear, and MOTO C tyres from MRF for that Bobber Look, Clubman Handle bars for an aggressive
stance, small yet beautiful fenders and its unique fittings, side number plate and tail light assembly, vintage type blinkers for rear and bar end blinkers on the front side.. The paint job on this bike includes Glossy Black on all body parts except tank. The tank has a metallic dark burgandy color to it, which looks primarily black until light falls on it. The engine is painted in black and covers are all buffed. The Megaphone silencer is just apt for this arrangement. Mr. Srinivas turned 43, and thus this bike is named 43. This motorcycle oozes out with elegance and simplicity. Please comment on below if you like the work.. Drop an email to if you want similar work for your bike.


This motorcycle custom built is done on a Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500 cc. As you can see, this bike has got a vintage World War II kind of look, much like our previous work "Johnnie". We have used 4.25x18” big block, MRF Moto C tires both front and back. They give the bike a muscular look and feel. In the rear we have installed a rear disc brake system. The front fender has been beautifully crafted to give it a sleek and slender look. The headlamp casing has been changed to 1950’s style. The fuel meter is placed on the headlight casing; we have added an ammeter (which does not come in 500cc Enfield) and shifted in a box and placed it where the left tool box comes. The handle bar has not been changed. The mirrors are standard model black mirrors. The taillight and indicators have been tastefully selected. We have made vintage style tan brown spring style seat. There is also a pillion seat. That existing tank was customized with thigh pads matching the seat upholstery. There is also use of brass at places. There is brass number plate on front mudguard The handlebar end weights are also made of brass and bear the company branding. There is also a brass token holder. We have added an ammunition box which will serve as a first aid box and an utility box. These have been fastened tight with specially made genuine leather belts. The crash bar is a military style butterfly crash guard. There are yellow fog lamps on both sides. The color is a glossy dark Prussian Blue. The wheels and other parts have been tastefully powder coated in matte black. Overall this bike was a pleasure to work on. And this bad boy is out on streets. We call him Brasco...Donnie Brasco.


A name dedicated to Lord Shiva when he consumed Poison during sagar manthan This motorcycle is actually a Desert storm 500, which was sent to us for a new look and feel transformation. This motorcycle has been installed with rear disk brake, new tank, new big profile mudguards, sleek side panels with decorative fitting brackets made out of solid rods in chrome. The front forks are of NTB for a sturdy thick look and better shock absorbing capacity. The exhaust we have used is a Double barrel performance exhaust. The front gadget console comprises of a speedometer, a fuel gauge and ignition and tastefully covered using a cowl. The paint job includes a stone effect embossed effect with Metallic blue candy combination. The stone effect has inscriptions of Lord Shiva and his elements. The rear mudguard has an inscription of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. The seat is a comfortable cruising seat complementing the look of the motorcycle.


This Royal Enfield Classic 350 came from Warangal, Telangana. Café Racers have their own charm and elegance, at the same time have their aesthetic restrictions and limitations. Our client wanted this bike to have an old school traditional café racer look, with a flatbed seat, bigger tank, big block tyres, and smaller headlight. We have maintained the 19 and 18 wheel configuration. The mudguard arrangement has been changed unlike the Classic. There are front fork gators. The headlight is a yellow glass smaller one. The taillight and indicators are changed. As the headlight casing has been removed we have made an arrangement for speedometer and ammeter. We have used Natural Rubber handle grips. Black mirrors and a crash guard has also been fitted (which were put after the photoshoot). The tank is a customized café racer tank with a push cap. The air filter arrangement looks different from outside but technically is has not been disturbed, keeping in mind the long term maintenance point of view. We have used a Megaphone exhaust with heat wrap on the bent pipe. The seat is a flatbed café racer type seat. And the seat frame is made out of a single piece of pipe which gives the seat strength and stability. At the bottom of the seat one will notice a perforated metal sheet. That fills the gap and brings a continuity. What catches your eye is the color combination. It is a very unusual color combination, especially going for a matching green seat cover was an audacious and outrageous decision!!


This is surely going to the owners pride and envy of many and Green is the color of Envy.


This is a 2007 Electra. The client wanted us to give this bike a vintage World War II kind of look. We have used 4.25x18” big block, MRF Moto C tyres both front and back. In the rear we have installed a rear disc brake system. We have used a classic type front shock absorbers so the we can change the way the mudguard has been fitted. The headlamp casing has been changed to 1950’s style. We have used old Smith’s Speedo and Lucas Amp meters. The handle bar is a standard model on and not an Electra type. The mirrors are standard model black mirrors. The tail light and the indicators are in rectangular shape so as to give this bike a rugged look. We have used wood on the sides of the tank. This bike is a single seater. In place of the rear seat we have tastefully installed wooden frame carrier, which can also be used as a standby seat. We have used well dried good quality teak wood for natural grain and longevity. They have been hand polished to perfection so as to bring out the grains in the best possible way. We have used vintage style leather spring seat. There is also use of brass at places. The brass plate on front mudguard shows our soldier on his motorcycle and bombings happening behind him. There is also a brass token holder and tank cap bearing our signature stamp. We have added a military grade petrol canister and an ammunition box which will serve as a first aid box and an utility box. These have been fastened tight with specially made genuine leather belts. The crash bar is a military style butterfly crash guard. There is a singular yellow fog lamp on the right and a bottle holder on the left. The color is a glossy olive. The wheels and other parts have been tastefully powder coated in colors complementing the whole design. Overall this bike was a pleasure to work on. We call him Johnnie!


A Jawa 1962(250cc 2-stroke motorcycle) came to our workshop in cartons. It was fully ripped apart with pieces of its body lying dis-integrated. We were given challenge to bring it back to life with our twist, yet not losing the essence of JAWA. Also, it needed better front forks and a good quality disk brake system. There is a scarcity of parts for these vintage beauties; however we gathered the parts and the project started to roll. Engine was completely re-built from scratch. The Mudguards are hand crafted mudguards with beautiful lines and profiles, with chrome jewels on it. The Tank and the side covers are retained as it signifies the signature look of Jawa. We got rid of the head cover (which actually is a very beautiful part) to make room for a good quality headlight and clean look. The front wheel is a 19 inch front wheel with rear being 16 inch. We converted the entire electrical system to Battery system (It was originally a Dynamo based electrical system). The color combination of warm milky white and dark maroon recalls the majestic era of this beautiful motorcycle. We have kept the paint combination rich and classy, just right! Hand engraving on the side panels is meticulously done to add a layer of art! From the white color handle grips to cross woven beautiful seating, from the white smith meter to small rear tail light to 4 unique blinker systems; this bike oozes out elegance! This project is named after Maria Theresa, who was the only queen regnant in Czech History! 


For a change, this time it was a Yamaha FZ 150. The requirement was to make it into a mean looking café racer. First we got rid of the faring, the lights, electrical wiring and other fiber body parts. Stripped down the bike to bare chassis and engine and started building from there. We replaced the alloys with good old spoke wheels, with the right choice of hubs and rims, because this model comes only in alloys. We altered the chassis/frame to bring down the angle of the seat by a few degrees. This improved the riding comfort and gave a better stance. The front fender is fixed to the bottom of the headlight frame and doesn’t move with the shock absorbers. The Megaphone silencer with heat shield has been tastefully kept in line with the frame angle. We have used big block tires for both front and rear. An inverted old-school handle bar gives a feel of a clip-on handle bar. Truss type head light holder and exhaust holders gives a rugged and industrial look. We have tastefully selected a beautiful yellow glass metal construction headlight and tail light is a strip light with built in indicators. The tank, the side panels and side covers are hand crafted. The seat and panels on which the side covers are fitted to, have been done in house by fiber glass molding. The paint job adds a different dimension. It has got brushed steel riveted plate look highlighted with bright yellow sections; this gives a rugged as well as sporty look and feel. Overall this bike has got a blend of both old school traditional café racer with elements of a modern day city bike. We affectionately call it FUZZY.


This is a Thunderbird 500 from Royal Enfield, which has been subtly modified to suit client's requirements. We have changed the wheel design to 19/15 size with 90mm/130mm tyres respectively. That reduces the overall seating position and gives a nice cruising posture. The handle bar is a C type bent handle bar fitted on machined risers. The Tank and mudguards flow in line from start till finish. The Seat is a comfortable cruising seat with pillion rider backrest for a comfortable ride. The twin head light at the front and nice rear tail light with under-lighting for the tank makes sure it is noticed when riding in dark. The two side boxes, positioned at appropriate height (with tail lights) provide for good storage and back-lighting. This bike has a custom paint job in Silver, black and candy maroon.


The base bike is a Thunderbird 500 from Royal Enield, which came to us from Berhampur Odisha. We have been told that this bike deserves an agressive look, and by looking at the design, you can surely say, it does look affressive. The lines of the bike, the stance and the flow of the bike gives a nice macho feel to the overall motorcycle. We have used 15 inch alloys at the back and 19 inch alloys in the front, with bulkier tyres. the mudguards have been custom made with its fitting points. The seat is very comfortable and provides a nice resting for the 28 horsepower 500 cc engine. The twin headlamp and the blacked out metal casted indicator lamps and the broad thick pipe handle bars just go along very well. The tail lamp is a LED strip light with integrated indicators and a nice rear number plate with brake lights are just apt. The Entire body of the bike is painted in matte black with Grey graphics and the tank is painted in Pearl white with gold leaf lettering and black pinstripes.


Royal Enfield is primarily purchased for its cruising capabilities and its versatile performance on roads and no-roads conditions. However, there is always some more scope for comfort and styling. The base motorcycle is a twin spark Thunderbird 350 from Visakhapatnam. Being from a coastal city, this motorcycle had loads of rust and blemishes due to corrosive weather. This motorcycle has a new TBTS Shock absorbers and Tree plates and new rear shock-absorbers. A new 17 liter fuel tank and two great looking fenders with ample side profile adds to the overall design. The front wheel is a 19 inch 110mm tyre and rear wheel is a 15 inch dia with 140mm tyre. The idea of this motorcycle was to make a great cruiser with ample gadgets - "It should look futuristic" is what the client asked us. We decided to have 4 meters/gauges and a waterproof music system too. The posture is apt for cruising along the road. The nimble handlebar is also very nice to ride inside the city. The front visor is a product of meticulous clay moulding and fiberglass moulding post that. The complete paint job is kept blacked out as there is a risk of rust otherwise. The motorcycle electrical are done with perfection, with under-lighting and LED eagle eyes and FOG Lights etc. The red panel on the mate black surface just acts like an icing on the cake.

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