This project is made on a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail. The idea was to make it look rich and authentic. There was much iteration we took to come to final conclusion on what should be done on the body, which screams out HD loud, yet should have a balance. The idea was to have a perfect balance between too much and too little and settle at just right! The entire body is sprayed with breakout silver flakes with multi color glitters. It looks like a rainbow in sun light. We made sections and then sprayed it with blue candy to give it a deep juicy look, and gave it a texture of a skull rich background. Then came the detailed skulls which were made on the two sides of the tank and front fenders. Plus, there was a Harley 1 logo positioned at the back of the front fender and a HOG logo painstakingly laid with brush work. The lining on the sections is done in Variegated Gold leaf and the Harley Davidson Logos and made using Gold leafing and hand lining! The finish is super glossy and smooth feel when touched.


This is a project from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India. The client had a very different and very tricky requirement. He is into manufacturing of railway turnout systems or simply what we know as railroad switches. That is an inseparable identity of his life. He somehow wanted this to be portrayed on his motorcycle. At the same time he was not specific. He said, “If you guys can do it well and good, or else you can think of any other design as well”. But we didn’t want to do “any other design”. Now how do we do it then? We just can’t put random parallel lines. It has to have a flow, have a meaning, a balance, symmetry and aesthetics. The first two weeks we got no idea; simply nothing really came out. Then we resorted to studying how rail switches behave. After a day of study and a considerable amount nicotine deposit, it was all clear! It took a staggering nine days, to just lay the rail patterns, the various switch rails and check rails, and remaining areas with patterns and geometries. After another six days of painstaking detailing and a generous dose of clear coat it is ready to face the world.


A life's story squeezed into a Motorcycle Tank. This Harley-Davidson Iron tank is not just a tank, it embodies a life story, which consists of work, travel, family, places, food, fun etc. This is in short story telling on copper leaf. On the two sides we have a vintage painting of a Study table, which has Book of life displayed. The book is dedicated to his kids. The background consists of a grunge wall with maps and sticky notes/pinned up notes, which as mention of the favourite places which he has visited. "Godfather" is his favourite movie and the dog tag captures his blood group and emergency number. The name of Harley Davidson and Forty eight are spelled as it is basically a motorcycle. The tank top contains depiction of a motherboard with chips and circuits passing through, which is the profession of the client. The Rest of the place holder is filled with icons of things which he likes. A feast to eyes, and has deep meaning. That is how we plan/conceptualize and execute our paint projects!


This customs artwork project for Harley Davidson 48, came from Surat, Gujarat. The theme is that of vintage air force fighter jets. It has riveted body and the paint-job is done to give the realistic effect that of a aircraft body. The eagle and the pin-up girl has been drawn to perfection.


This motorcycle contested in the Dealer's Custom HD event from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This motorcycle has been tastefully painted with the appropriate redbull colors to resemble a mean machine. The flawless execution of the paintjob says it all. No Wonder, this bike is the WINNER of HARLEY DAVIDSON CUSTOM CHAMPION(Dealer Category).


This is a Custom fabricated set of Harley Softail parts which came all the way from Chandigarh. This effect has been achieved by silver base coat, followed by silver metal flakes, red candy of various shades and transparency, variegated Gold leaf and hand lining of the patterns. This job took roughly 1.5 months to complete, such is the amount of work involved. The Gold leaf logos add an extra dimension to the whole project!


A simple work of art on Royal Enfield's parts including wrinkle effect on the surface in Black/Silver base and Blue Kandy on top with multiple layers of clear coat.. The surface just dazzles in sunlight. This project came all the way from Aurangabad, Maharashtra.. One more beautiful project in our portifolio


This motorcycle parts came from Delhi. We were told to execute this with immaculate precision and craftsmanship. The work started with entire body filling, priming, sanding, base coat and then started the 3-4 days process of laying gold leaf... one by one, we laid the gold leaves on the body panels with precision. Then there were sections with silver leafing which again took similar time to lay. After preparing the body's background, the reptilian pattern was laid.. each and every scale which you see is laid and sprayed individually in a particular pattern. Finally topped with 6 layers of clear for extra smooth finish and ultra shine. Take your time to see the immense detailing in the work... and share it if you like it.

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