The base bike for this build is a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 cc. The Wheels on this bike are 19 inch front and 15 inch rear with 110mm and 130mm tyres respectively. The Front mudguard and the rear mudguards have been kept hard edged with beautiful flow. The rear mudguard fitment is made in a way that the brackets would not be visible from outside, hence ensuring a clean look on the body. The side covers have also been given embossing effect. The tank has been mad keeping in mind the lines of two mudguards. Seating is very comfortable and detaches the same way as the rider seat of New Thunderbird. The rear seating is a combination of a Luggage rack and seat and both can be dismantled to reveal a nice clean looking rear mudguard with just the rider sear. The Tail lamps and indicators are metal casted selected pieces to go with the design. The Headlamp is an all LED white light headlamp. The handle bars is an almost straight bar with Aluminum Handle bar risers. The posture on this bike is just like sitting on a chair. The low slung seat and the easy to approach handlebars just makes the ride more comfortable and handling easier. Now wonder it does black magic on whosoever sees it. Black Magic ~ The name says it all!


This motorcycle is a Royal Enfield Bullet G2 Standard model, which came to us in a very bad shape.. Due to its age and few outdated parts, we decided to give it a face lift and also use latest parts. We installed a new Gear box and also a complete new point setting. We changed all the shocks to new model hydraulics with Front Disk Brakes and new stock wheels with Spokes. The body is kept simple and naked with minimal weight for a good weight to power ratio. The entire electrical has been re-done with tasteful placement of the Ampere meter and ignition switches. The Engine has been partially painted and partially chromed to give it an Old Era look. The paint job is subtly done in Silver leaf and emerald green and Veridian green Candy combination, with Gold Leaf lettering and subtle stripes. We proudly present to you GUNMASTER G2 #royalenfield #enfield #Bullet #bulletstandard #bulletstandardg2 #royalenfieldg2 #gunmaster #custommadebike #custommotorcycle #custommade #handcraftedbike #handcraftedmotorycle #motorcycle #motorivista #thebikeshed #custommotorcycleindia #custompaint #custompainting #airbrushing #goldleafing


This bike mod is an example of how you can keep the essence of Royal Enfield's legacy, yet make it look completely different. We have not at all changed the character of the bike. It is intact. What we have changed is its attitude. With Tastefully selected alloys and tyres to the custom tail light to unique paint job with excellent quality, This bike has been a great fun to work on. The best part is, this build took only 3 weeks to complete, which has been a record time for us too


You might go Numb for a moment after you see this bike and rightly so. This is an Old Bajaj Avenger but now been customized into a nice cruiser. Loaded with character and poise, this motorcycle is all about performing. Everything is for a purpose. The Front wheel has been increased from 17" to 19" and rear tyre has been changed to 140mm. New tank, front and rear mudguards and side panels to completely give it a one of a kind look. Comfortable handle bars and a luxurious seat and stretched foot controls make the ride perfectly comfortable. The headlamp is a metal cast chrome protruding type. Sissy bar at the rear part just adds to the glamour! Absolute pleasure to ride and to look at! Share it if you like it!


This is 2011 Royal Enfield Electra came to us from Assam. The owner of this bike serves in the Indian Army. It was a matter of pride and a privilege to be able to serve anyone from the Indian Defence Forces. Our client wanted to give his bike a minimal yet aesthetically sound makeover. And like any defence personal he is very much emotionally attached and proud about his battalion, which is "Bombay Engineer Group" or "The Bombay Sappers" a battalion which has huge historical importance since 1780. The list of battle honours is long; this battalion has also received all the three highest gallantry awards ~ Pre-Independence [Victoria Cross] & Post-Independence [Param Vir Chakra (highest military decoration awarded for valour during wartime) & Ashok Chakra (highest peacetime military decoration awarded for valour)]. We have focussed on making the bike peppier and sporty. The wheels are sleeker with a 19" and 15" combination. That existing tank was customised with thigh pads matching the seat upholstery, and the tank cap shifted to one side, is made of brass and bears the signature of the client himself. The handlebar end weights are also made of brass and bear the company branding. The headlight, the taillight and indicators have been changed to LED. The paint job is simple yet interesting. The tank and the two mudguards are having olive green camouflage with a rugged and worn out texture. The logos and insignias and shlokas from Bhagwat Gita (Chapter 2 Verse 37) is done with golden and fluorescent green luminescent paint. The rest of the bike is painted in matte black. The seat is made in brown to complement the look. The handle grips are decorated with leather strips. We have named the bike Parantapa. It is one of the twelve names of Arjuna, which means one who destroys the enemy with his power of concentration. And this is our tribute to one of the oldest battalions of the Indian Army. Jai Hind, Vande Mataram, Bharat Mata Ki Jai!!


This is 90's Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 350 cc. This bike has seen more than 1,00,000 kms and has been a faithful friend through thick and thin. However it had its own share of problems. Its electrical wiring were cut at places and was prone to short circuit. The gear box needed a replacement. The suspensions were hard and ineffective. For a heavy bike like Bullet, the front drum brakes weren't so effective on slopes. We changed the headlight casing to a new one, with new hydraulic front suspensions, which no more needs threading system and can be fitted with an Allen key type bolt. New rear suspensions and a new stock seat has improved the riding comfort a lot. We have changed the entire wiring kit and new set of stock lights and indicators. We have fitted a new gear box and a new carburetor. To give a different look we tried a dished out tank. Bluish Grey, Off White and Dark Brown Stripes seemed like the best choice amidst all colors. The bike has got a balanced blend of vintage looks and modern features. We have also done hand engraving on the Clutch Cover, Gear Box covers etc. With everything put together and many more things consciously kept away, this bike is a restrained and matured expression of our creativity. We have decided to call it "The Graduate".


The ask was for a macho, strong looking bike, with comfort and style, yet not too much flashy. We decided to add alloys and decently fat tyres for front (110) and rear(130), with broad rear mudguard with a mudflap. Sleek LED strip tail lamp, handle bar end indicators, auxiliary lamps etc. are addition to the electricals. The small luggage rack at the rear fender is also a placeholder for a seat, which is detachable and transforms as per need. Twin 4 inch head lamps have been used with handle bar risers and a straight type handle bar, with comfortable ergonomic seating. Last but not the least, the Tank has been tastefully painted in Silver metal flakes with black 3D tribal flames and white hand pin stripes. This bike looks great, rides even better! 


The base bike is a Thunderbird 500 from Royal Enield, which came to us from Berhampur Odisha. We have been told that this bike deserves an agressive look, and by looking at the design, you can surely say, it does look affressive. The lines of the bike, the stance and the flow of the bike gives a nice macho feel to the overall motorcycle. We have used 15 inch alloys at the back and 19 inch alloys in the front, with bulkier tyres. the mudguards have been custom made with its fitting points. The seat is very comfortable and provides a nice resting for the 28 horsepower 500 cc engine. The twin headlamp and the blacked out metal casted indicator lamps and the broad thick pipe handle bars just go along very well. The tail lamp is a LED strip light with integrated indicators and a nice rear number plate with brake lights are just apt. The Entire body of the bike is painted in matte black with Grey graphics and the tank is painted in Pearl white with gold leaf lettering and black pinstripes.


This Royal Enfield Standard arrived at the workshop for a makeover. The Idea was to keep the Royal Enfield's Stance intact and not to compromise its riding posture and feel. We decided to change the rear part saree guard and mudguard brackets to a nice square type rugged grill arrangement in solid rods. The rear mudguards were changed to sleek design. The front mudguards were selected to be plate type mudguards with clean view of the tyres. The rear tail lamp has been tastefully chosen to maintain a simple and neat look. Indicators were changed too. The front black headlamp glass was a design choice too. The color combination of Army Green with Military stars on the two sides have added to the beauty of the bike. This bike doesnt have a Disk brake, because the customer likes it that way, we chose good looking spoke type alloys for the same.


A Royal Enfield classic with a twist - The customer wanted to keep the iconic look of Bullet intact, and hence we decided to retain the tiger head casing. The customer wanted this bike for his 5 year old son, who is an army fan, and who loves fighter planes and uniform. So it was supposed to be a bit sophisticated. The rear mudguard and fitting system has been changed. We took out the saree guard and the earlier mudguard brackets and replaced it with simple mudguard brackets with clean lines. A good exhaust with great comfortable seats and good accessories were also needed. Finally a signature Eimor Paint job depicting war scenes showing the valour of Army! It has been named Yoddha by the customer himself


This is a 2014 Royal Enfield Electra 350 cc. Our client wanted a complete makeover with great look and awesome riding comfort. The motorcycle was completely stripped off from all the body parts, and all the parts have been hand made as per design. The broad Triple tree assembly and Thunderbird's headlamp give it the aggressive look it deserves. The Rear wheel has an arrangement for disk brakes, for which the entire swing arm assembly was replaced by a Thunderbird type arrangement. This is the 1st bike where we have tried using hand engraving on the clutch cover and head covers. The Seating is comfortable and the posture is ergonomic for city rides and long rides as well. The paint job is subtly done in Maroon Candy on top of textured silver base with Golden lettering. The double exhaust just adds the final flare! Jasper is a stone which has exactly the same texture as that of the paint job we have executed, and hence the name of this bike is kept that way! Enjoy!


This is a custom made motorcycle made out of Electra 350. This project is going to Vishakapatnam. You can see simplicity and sophistication together in this design, starting from a peanut tank to rod forged mudguard bracket system to solid alloy wheels to great set of tyres. Everything has been aesthetically planned and executed to perfection.


Aggressive, fierce and very sharp.. these three words come to us while describing this motorcycle. The motorcycle in itself is a work or art by Royal Enfield itself. What lines, and what a nice chassis they have made. Super strong and super powerful. However, our client was finding it difficult to reach the Clip On handle bars, and the seat was a bit higher than what he required. Plus, there were changes to exhaust, front headlamp, indicators, tail lamps etc. Crashbars made from heavy gauge steel seamless pipes and side boxes with Random circlular patterns just enhances its beauty. We chose to keep all parts black except the tank. Scratch effect candy paint in two tone, with white stripes and pinstripes.. simple, yet bold! The seat lining/pattern was kept classy cafe racer style. We kept the mudguard bigger than usual as he did not want to get mud on the back of his shirt... all the changes are practical.


It has been named as the chariot of Balabhadra (Krishna's elder brother) because his chariot is green in color. This is built on a Royal Enfield Standard motorcycle. We drew inspiration from Indian Chief lines and made this beauty. The motorcycle is 4 inches longer which the design demanded Rest every thing is made in a way that it complements the overall vintage styling. This motorcycle is on its voyage to Bhubaneswar.


Thunderbird is always fun to work as a motorcycle. We have just given it some muscle and some character. The Overall makeover is very subtle and doesn't take the soul of Thunderbird away from it, but still looks strikingly different. The rear mudguard has been shapes and made sporty but it wears an old school tail lamp which just kills it!