This project came from the orange city Nagpur. The idea was to depict riding as way to meditate, a way to enlighten. We have tried to show that a rider is riding away from turmoil/issues of life (shown in form of thunderstorm) and is moving towards Bliss (shown in form of a heavenly/ psychedelic sky with stars, just like Galaxy). The other side of tank shows the rear view of the same rider, who is proceeding on his journey to Bliss/Heaven. The rider is enlightened, and has an Aura around him...the bike is hence a medium of meditating and rising above and beyond the issues encircling life.. The entire conceptualization, ideation and execution has been done in-house, and each and every detail has been painstakingly laid.. The Harley-Davidson Logo around the tank is custom styled to reflect an arrow head and road linings in it.. which gives a sense of motion. Each one is lined with Blue and black pin-striping paint to make it look 3D and as genuine as possible. Overall, a project worth sharing among friends!


This fatboy motorcycle was to be kept dark and finish Matte. But how to get eyes glued to it? The answer was to use variegated gold leaf. The pattern was chosen to follow the lines of the motorcycle from start to finish. The styling and logos go such that they follow the contour of the motorcycle parts. Separate sections were made and they were decorated wit intricate patterns. Elaborate pin striping has been laid painstakingly on each and every corner of the motorcycle. The Logo/Symbol of the client (KE) has been laid beautifully in Gold... The overall outcome is very satisfying and rewarding.


This is an old custom motorcycle whose body parts needed a fresh lease of life. The paint job was old and full of scratches and bubbles. We had to do a full bodywork and then transform it into this. Painstaking taping work and loads of detailing.. finally the outcome is in front of your eyes.


This paint job was done for a 1965 model Royal Enfield which is being assembled in Delhi. This bike was already painted, however after noticing our work, the restorer contacted us for touch of class. This kit was in very bad shape, the finishing was pathetic when it came to us. Paint was peeling off... we had to completely take out the paint, and start from bare metal... and the final look is as shown. This bike is made for Dan Sollitto from U.S and we were asked to put his Dog's portrait and the riding club where he rides too on the body parts. Plus, we have painted it in U.S national flag theme. Not radical, not simple, a clear balance between too much and too little... Please put your comments if you like the work! Thanks to Ravi and Vintage Thumper Motorcycle Co.


It is always pleasure to work on Harley Davidson Softail, which provides a sexy body to work on. This project was no exception, where we were asked to accomplish a retro look on a Harley Softail parts with Pearl white and turquoise color combination with gold leafing borders and logos with subtle pinstripe. It was much more complicated than what we thought, but the outcome was sweet! The client has a unique classy taste and he has tastefully re-done the entire leather works to suit this look. He has selected these front fork caps to give it a vintage look. What a pleasure to see this bike all ready!


Changed this from piece of scrape metal parts to such nice looking glowing beauty! All standard logos, standard pinstripes, standard look. No Fancy!