A damaged Iron tank was given a face lift through our exquisite painting skills. Silver flakes and Candy Wine red candy colors have definitely brought this tank to life. Gold leafing on the Logo just adds that extra bling!


We received this RE Thunderbird 500 tank from our client so that we transform it into Indian Flag theme.. He also wanted this Bhagat Singh picture on the top of the tank and Vande Mataram in Hindi on both the sides The indian lag theme goes well with the splatter/grunge theme, with High Gloss finish


It is not an ordinary paint job.. it captures the essence of Hyderabad. It represents Hyderabad in forms of architecture, monuments, food, and jwellery...This motorcycle is a tribute to Hyderabad and its lovely people. From Charminar to Buddha statue, from Goloconda Fort to Qutub Shai tombs, from Mecca Mazjid to Cyber towers, from Biryani to Irani chai and Osmania Biscuit, from Rickshaws to Pearl, we have tried to capture the most important and iconic elements of this city. To add to that.. we have represented the "Mango Diplomacy" which is a deal which India and US signed for allowing HD entry to India. The entire paint job is done in pearl white and Orange metal flakes. The white portions are painted to resemble old crumpled paper displaying the moods of the city. Due to Low lighting conditions due to repetitive bad weather since last few days, we could not gather better pictures. But yes, our client is very happy and that is what matters the most!!


This a perfect example of blending Indian traditional art with modern mediums. This work represents a Vyali, a creature which guards the temples/houses etc. and keeps it away from bad spirits and bad eyes. We are sure you might have seen them on temples and ancient architectures and in fact on new constructions sites too. But on a Bike? Yes, we took this challenge and made it look like an old stone/metal carving on some temple. The combination of color is Black and Copper. The copper tank stands out in contrast with black fenders and to balance it, we have kept minimalistic carving temple pattern on all the body parts, but just a little! Hope you like it!


When the customer approached us, he had two things in mind. It should be in black/silver kind of color, it should have a metallic bling yet should be subtle. Second criteria was, the paint job should look completely 3-Dimensional. We decided to airbrush a chiseled out metallic emblem/pattern throughout the body, with Harley Logos also made in the similar pattern. To Give it a 3D look we added another layer of Tribal Flames which will appear like floating on top of this chiseled out surface. The surface was created with multicolor silver flakes with metallic silver and has a subtle bling to it.


The theme "Jangi Paltan" celebrates one of the most illustrious infantry battalions of the Indian Army. Raised in 1768 as 2nd Bombay Sepoys, the battalion was given the honour (nom de guerre) of JANGI PALTAN, in 1788, just 20 years after raising, in recognition of its unparalleled martial record in battle. Since its raising the battalion has won 21 battle and theatre honours in India and across different continents.


The Client had little idea of how he would transform his motorcycle. He provided us his personal details - Sky Blue as favorite color, and He loves Kolkata, its literature etc. We have tried to capture the essence of this rustic city through cityscapes. We have not tried to put too many land marks but rather this city's unique hustle & bustle which can be seen only in Kolkata From Rickshaw pullers, to Durga Puja Idol Makers to Streets which give a feeling of Europe, to Howrah etc. The idea was to make it look like a watercolor painting.. Lucid, washy and Transparent. 


Gold Flakes base with Copper vernier polish effect is a class apart combination for a Road King! Plus we have added subtle pinstripes to make it look just right!


A custom painting exercise for our client at Bangalore. This is a Superlow in which we have tried to lay colorful ghost flames.. and wherever the flames crosses the below layer patterns the color of the ghost flame changes there. For this work to stand out, we wanted only the Gas tank to be painted in this theme, rest all portions to remain Black (Midnight Blue to be precise). I Guess this one will look freaking awesome with white walled tyres and raised/APE handle bars. MJ


A paint job with Pearl white and Sepia tone...depicting the magnificence and majesty of the Royal Bengal Tiger.


This is a semi-direct interpretation of MOKSHA, which means liberation or the independence from the cycle of life. The colorful glittery paint job depicts the "Maya" in the world around us. It is full of greed, color, beauty, lust and worldly pleasures. In the picture the maze represents the cycle of life which is always hurdled and kept in chains by these worldly pleasures. The person who gets over his earthly possessions and thoughts and who is pure at his heart and a person who is knowledgeable and intellectual can leave the vicious cycle of life and death and can rise above it. A clear and clean soul will fly high, leaving everything behind. That is MOKSHA We have attained this abstract concept through metal flake work and gold leafing and hand pin-striping. The combination is in front of you to cherish!


Custom painted Bajaj Pulsar 150 in snake skin pattern

MAHADEVA(God of the Gods)

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