TAMRALIPI ~ a story on copper

Base Bike: Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500. New Alloys, Crashbars, Auxiliary Fog Lamps, Custom Handle bars, Custom headlamp case, New exhaust, Custom Seating with Backrest, A brand new paint Job. The painting of the tank is done in pure copper leafing with abstract artwork! We have depicted Journey from France to Hyderabad (As the rider is a French national). This bike also comes with additional riding carrier systems(Not shown in this design) which is foldable. The carrier system folds without any use of spanners or tools in city rides and can be opened for long rides luggage carriage capacity. The details of the carrier system is shown below -


Simple yet intelligent changes to certain elements can also make your bike look extra-ordinary. The tank color has been changed to Jet Yellow, and the color of rest of the parts has been kept Matte black. We have added a WB silencer and all the exhaust parts and crash bars are powder-coated black. The fenders are chopped and tyres are new. Plus we have kept HD Iron type alloys(the base has been painted matte black). The seats have been changed too to suit the contour of the bike. The Yellow stripes on the side covers is a last minute change, but we have managed to keep it simple yet classy!


An old 2005 model Enfield Thunderbird with a flavor of Eimor's unique styling! Almost all the body parts are exactly the same except the seats and the two brackets which were forged in Iron Rod. A grill at the back to carry luggage for long rides, but the best part is, everything is detachable. Limited Royal Enfield branding, only at appropriate places, with maximum simplicity!


Keeping the soul of Royal Enfield intact, giving it a completely new dimension with accessories and paint, A restoration worth sharing!