This Paint job was supposed to be done keeping in mind two things, one is Ghost flames and another is Screaming eagle airbrushing. Together, it is like getting two type of paint job in one. On the rear fender Background an Embossed brass type Harley's emblem is painted - The foreground being Pearl blue ghost flames. On the front fenders, Extensive ghost flame patterns and a Bar and Shield logo of HD. Gas Tank: Top consists of a channel of twisted 3D ghost flames on either sides across the dashboard in centre. The sides constitute a screaming eagle on either sides, with twisted 3D ghost flames on foreground. 


Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men. Martin Luther King, Jr. Well, Science has made the man use power of nature. How we use it, is up to our discretion....Science has given us enoromous power, intelligence and comfort, it has also given birth to numerous destructive weapons and ways to spread terror....A tribute to Science and Technology through a Royal Enfield Motorcycle...the EIMOR way!!


Custom painted Royal Enfield Kit - Painted on theme of lord "Buddha" - We derieved inspiration from Ajanta Caves, One side of the tank shows one of the entrances of The Ajanta Caves and other side of the tank depicts a sleeping Buddha inside the cave. The tank top is painted as an inscrption on rock surface, with Buddhist Mantra for Meditation. One of the tool boxes is painted with Buddha meditating under a Bodhi Tree, and other tool box shows Buddha's Hand. All the stuffs are painted in a way they resemble things to be carved out of stone, and give an antique look. To top it up we applied extra glossy clear coat


Royal Enfield Thunderbird Makeover


A small yet interesting work, We painted this silver Classic 350 without dismantling a single piece. The front and rear fenders were painted with Black and white flames/smoke and in the rear, an angel. We also customized the seat here to create room for the artwork, and also for better ergonomics.


It all started with Chaitanya Handing over his new Electra to us. He said, I want it in White and glossy metallic blue and Freedom Fighters as theme. He said, just remember the song "Jo Shaheed Hue hain yaad karo qurbaani" ----- We took inspiration from the song "Khoon Chala" from RDB instead, and tried to use Drips to suggest images/potraits of a few Prominent Freedom fighters. We salute all the freedom fighters, and we respect what they have done for us. This Bike is a tribute to all of them......


Custom painted Honda Activa


Mythical characters are always fun to paint. They have an element of fantasy, wickedness, and imagination, which makes them scintillating. Dragon is pretty famous and everyone has a vague idea of how it looks, we have tried to come out with our version of dragon, with this paint job.


Golden flakes and red candy is a deadly combination. When the golden flakes hit your eyes through the transparent candy apple red film, it mesmerizes you... and you just can't keep your eyes out of this paint job.. Theme - Buddhist (NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, buddhist Hymn), Meditating Buddha on the top of the tank. Harley Davidson logo on the sides of the tank


A very well executed intricate work of hundreds of skulls, which form the base of the motorcycle skin. On top of that we have multiple layers of cris-cross ghost flames, with texture and feel of bones. It looks like the flames are made of bones and they have cracks and 3D feel to it. All of the above make this motorcycle a very mean looking motorcycle! No doubt this motorcycle was the winner of "BEST CUSTOM TOURING SEGMENT HARLEY" in IBW 2014.


This has been a very special and emotional makeover for us. A motorcycle painting, which is for Kargil catches the glimpse of the war and is painted in White and metallic green combination....


One side of the tank has a graveyard from where the executioner rises, other side of the tank resembes a haunted house near the graveyard... The Tank top contains the cloaked view of the Executioner on a Full Moon day. One of the Tool box covers have executioner's wicked face, with his axe, and on the other side The executioner is praying to Sueprnatural Power for getting strength to carry out the execution. In the rear fender, the executioner finally has executed the evil and he sets out for the next execution. Barbed wires are painted along the structure of body revealing bondage in Life -- in the rear fender, the bondage dissapears as the executioner sets humans free from the bondage of life


Less often we get projects where we describe positivity. This project is all positive and full of the joy of learning moments.. where kids are enjoying their childhood and learning. We wish every child gets his/her share of childhood and a chance to learn, and have fun. We condemn child labor and wish that our future generation is more educated and sharp and smarter than what we are!

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